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“Listen, when we buy houses, we always buy distressed houses for one reason or another. A lot of times we don’t even know the back story on these houses. This particular one we bought from another investor who was actually buying it from an auction who was buying it from the bank. I think what the story is is that this house was owned by an old grandma who passed it down to her kids and her kids were drug addicts and drug dealers. They just couldn’t deal with it and spent their money on all the wrong things. This house ended up going through a probate and a foreclosure and we ended up finally getting our hands on it. And this was the hated house of the neighborhood and now all the neighbors love us and it’s one of the nicest houses on the block.” – Gene Schroeder. Learn how we find distressed property by joining our Online Real Estate Investment Membership at www.TFGsip.com