• Take you “by the hand” through the entire flipping process, from locating a property, negotiating the terms, drawing up the contracts – right through to closing.
  • Help you determine which strategies are best for your circumstances.
  • Walk you through any strategy, step-by-step.
  • Clarify anything you do not fully understand in the program.
  • Help you evaluate properties.
  • Instruct you on the many methods of creative financing and how to get sellers to accept them.

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Our Membership Program is an ALL INCLUSIVE online real estate university. It is designed and developed for incoming or established professionals who want to build their wealth, learn from real industry professionals, or accelerate their market knowledge.

Our sessions are live lessons from Those Flipping Guys, who have real life trials, tribulations, and triumphs from their 15 years in the business.

If you are looking to get certified by a credible program with a comprehensive curriculum or ready to advance your real estate skills, sign up today! Log into one of our live sessions or Member Site to get all the information you need.


  • Monthly webinars.
  • Student case studies.
  • Newsletters.
  • Copy of Virtual DVD Program.
  • Many more benefits.

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