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Interested? Good! But you wanna just take a little sip? See what we are about? We get it! Most Gurus promise you the stars but are full of… Dip your toes into the real estate investment business, and get a ton of info each month!

This is an exclusive membership opportunity offering you invaluable resources designed to complement your training and advance your goals of building new wealth. The membership offers countless investor resources including everything from the latest articles on real estate and internet-based money making techniques to eye-opening case studies.

The TFG Membership includes: 

Monthly Webinar

Business-building sessions are designed to develop members’ entrepreneurial skills and dive deep into the implementation of crucial aspects and systems within your business.

Resource Library

Library of past webinars and other informational videos.

Case Studies

Monthly case studies of recently closed deals. Each case study provides a full rundown of the deal including the obstacles encountered and how they were handled.

Marketing Tools

Get tips and marketing samples to help market yourself and your business.

Private Facebook Group

Access a private Facebook group where you can network with other members and get your questions answered.

Deal Submission

Get an opportunity to have your deal reviewed by a TFG mentor for purchase or partnership.

Invites to Private Functions

Get exclusive invites to functions, including networking events, educational opportunities, and more.

Document Library

Get sample contracts, addendums, and more.

Access to Hot Deals

Get access to TFG’s latest listings.

Many More Benefits

• Expand your own real estate with TFG’s knowledge AND resources.
• Learn from real deals with real experts investing in today’s market.
• Meet people successful in the business.
• Copy of Virtual DVD Program.



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