The Those Flipping Guys (TFG) show is based on two very successful real estate investors, Gene Schroeder and Angelo D’Alessandro, who started flipping houses in Florida over 14 years ago. This show is not scripted and shows actual properties being purchased to wholesale to other investors, fixed for resale, or renovated for rental income.  Episodes feature TFG and how they help other investors earn an extra $20-30k by flipping a single home in their spare time or help more dedicated investors flip several homes in a year and earn over six figures.

Gene and Angelo take their members through the houses before, during and after the sale. They explain all the details involved in these real estate transactions and even get the vendors and contractors involved. No smoke and mirrors here; just hard facts and figures.

The show also has an important component to TFG members who have an opportunity to answer monthly trivia questions and are able to win some very valuable prizes.

Flipping houses is a risky business but of course profits can be very sexy. These witty and caring businessmen are honest, hardworking, and ready to structure some deals that will earn you a better lifestyle.