There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.

Our industry is one that has a bad reputation. So often it seems that nearly anyone you ask has a bad experience with a realtor or the real estate industry. Why? Because it seems like with so many industries nowadays, many people are just after their own bottom line and they do not care who they step over or push out of their way.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. In order to be successful you must set goals for yourself and your business and do what you must in order to achieve them. However, achieving your goals should not come before being loyal to those around you and treating everyone with the common courtesy and respect that you yourself want.

Sometimes it’s better to lose a few dollars on a deal and keep your loyal friend than to forget who your friends are in search of money. In this business, as with any other, money is cyclical. It will come and go. However, loyal friends and contacts are there forever. Invest in the people around you and you will never be without.

Appreciate Your Real Assets,

Those Flipping Guys